motronic minimalman
London / UK

Jon Dickens aka J-Lab has been making and performing music since he was a teenager, as a bass player, programmer, producer and remixer.

Back in the day when he was playing in bands, Jon was occasionally let out of the vomit-filled dressing room circuit to grace bills with the likes of Underground Resistance and Chemical Brothers. After stints putting on free parties, co-running a studio and label, remixing and working with media celebrities amongst others, Jon cut loose to rethink and rediscover what inspired him in the first place and find like-minded people who also had the passion.

Inspired partly by his work as part of the core of Laptop Jams group in Brighton, the J-Lab live improvised concept has been honed to the point where every gig since November 2003 has been recorded, every performance reflecting the mood of the event. After the release of the ‘Bout Time’ EP on and a hectic gig schedule, 2006 will see some J-Lab releases on vinyl, the launch of a website at (one day… Honest!), and yet more gigs and festivals.

In the meantime keep an eye out for downloads and the rare live CD’s.



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